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True Love Tattoo has a variety of tattoo artists on staff to tend to any of your special tattoo requests for any part of your body. View our team below and call us at 904-513-4505 to schedule an appointment today!

Tattoo artists that we have on staff!

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Justin: Justin is a tattooer and owner at True Love Tattoo. As a Jacksonville, FL native, Justin started his apprenticeship at the end of 2002 and finished in early 2004 under his mentor Ben Gergerich. Since then Justin has traveled and tattooed all over the United States to make good friends and absorb the most knowledge he could for his craft. In 2015, after 11 years of tattooing, he finally put his dreams into motion of owning his own business with one of his closest friends Juan Castellano. The two friends, both being well rounded experienced artists, make everything from traditional to Japanese tattoos. We offer you a comfortable, clean and friendly environment with talent that will meet your needs for your

next tattoo.

Juan: Juan is also a tattooer and owner at True Love Tattoo. Also from Jacksonville, FL, Juan typically works on Tuesday through Sunday throughout the week. Visit me and receive a tattoo that you'll truly love!

Juan Max Justin

Max: Max is a busy family man, born in New York and raised out of Florida. Since Max was 5 years old, he always wanted to draw and loved art. Never in a million years did he think he would be creating tattoos, but here he is. He feels very blessed to have such great guys Juan Castellano and Justin Jarrell by his side to guide him along his journey. He's looking forward to all the great memories and history that he'll create over time!